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The internet has become a boring place.

Checking Facebook, reading news, googling around - we have seen it all.

Time for something new.


Introducing Wurstify

Wurstify turns your web browser into something new, something with a little more wurst to it.

Without Wurstify

Lame, old internet.

With Wurstify

Your newly wurstified web experience.

How it works

Technology Advancing What Is Possible

Wurstify is a browser extension which replaces all images in your browser with a wurstified version of them, adding the WurstBeard™ to all faces.

This significantly increases the total number of beards in all web pages you visit, resulting in a drastically improved user experience.

We have spared no efforts to deliver just the best wurstification results to you. Your images are sent to a globally distributed computational cluster of wurst servers, set up specifically to detect (and improve) your photos using sophisticated image processing technology in the least possible amount of time.


Learn More About Wurstify

Wurstify Facebook Friends

Beardy friends are just cooler.

Wurstify News Photos

This adds beardy wisdom to politicians and hollywood stars.

Wurstify the whole Web

Yes, even the darkest corners of it.

And much more!

With WurstWiFi the best has yet to come.

It's free - forever!

No credit card required - no strings attached.


Read What Others Are Saying About Wurstify

“Wurstify makes the internet exciting again. I have been waiting for this so long!”

- Conchita P.

“In the offline world I have always been wearing a beard. Wurstify allows me to grow a beard online too - I love it!”

- Jeremy A.

“It's just a dead-simple solution to a problem we all have, that’s it. Also, it supports cats.”

- Perry M.

Conchita Wurst
says on Twitter
Conchita Wurst


See How A Wurstified Internet Looks Like



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Available for Chrome, Firefox and Android


The WiFi Hotspot With Built-in Wurstification

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